Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY: Moss Covered Letters

When Rustyn and I were planning our wedding this past March I knew I wanted it to represent us. We were blessed to have a lot of help from our incredible wedding planner; we could not have made it happen without her and her team. They got together almost all of the decorations but I wanted some personal touches here and there. I was limited due to the fact that I was living in Tulsa and was getting married in Shreveport, LA. So I thought of some things I could make here and take there. 
One of my favorite personal touches was my moss covered letters.

Wooden letters from Michael's
Mod Podge
Moss (can be bought in a bag at your local craft store)

To cover my letters I simply worked in sections. I covered a small section in Mod Podge and then applied the moss, until the entire letter was covered. I did not cover the bottom of the letter because that would make it uneven and it would have been difficult to stand up. After the letter was covered I used scissors to trim the excess moss from the sides. 

If you make your own handle the letters gently because the moss does seem to shed and leave behind a trail of dirt if moved around. 

Our Initials

Photos by Soul Rebels Photography in Shreveport, LA

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